About me

Sarah | she/her
from egypt
sketchbook doodle expert
summer lover <3
I have a lot of characters,,,Almost all these characters are involved with my story/headworld "CITIZENSTIR"


favourite animal: sharks, tiger, cat
favourite drink: root beer, ice tea
favourite food: Shawarma, seafood
favourite movie: the trumen show, children of men, lego movie 2
favourite flower: sunflower
favourite game: Terraria

Favourite songs

Muse- Time is running out
dayglow- Close to you
lonley benson- strawberry afternoon
red vox- reno
surf curse- disco
tame impala- the less i know the better
The growlers- vacant lot
vansire the band- halcyon age
Kaku P-Model- Big Brother
and one- military fashion show

♡ interests
Summer, beach and the ocean, bright colors, cowboys, insects and weird fish, character design, world building (especially dystopian worlds), deserts, future technology